How To Take Care Of A New Car

9 October 2019
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

There's nothing like the smell of a new car. New cars are pristine and responsive, and they're typically a joy to drive. However, you'll need to take proper care of your brand new car to keep it in excellent condition. Here are four ways to keep your new car in great shape:

1. Take care of routine maintenance tasks.

While performing routine maintenance tasks might be an inconvenience, they can save you from the larger inconvenience of having your car suddenly break down. Make sure your tires are at the correct pressure at all times. Underinflated tires can lower your gas mileage and worsen your steering control. Make sure to have your oil changed at least once every six months. If you drive more frequently, you should change it more often. Find out if your car warranty requires you to have your oil change performed by a certified dealer, since you don't want to accidentally void your warranty.

2. Get your car serviced at a dealership service center.

Ordinary auto shops try to carry replacement parts for as many common vehicles as possible. However, they may not have the parts your particular car needs. If an auto shop doesn't have the right part, you may end up waiting weeks for a repair. You may also end up spending more money if the part needs to be ordered especially for you. Taking your car to a dealership service center for your auto repair needs can save you time and hassle. For instance, if you have a Lexus car, your best bet is taking it to a Lexus auto shop for repairs.  

3. Keep your car clean.

Clean cars are more appealing to look at, but a clean exterior is more than just a matter of aesthetics. When you let dirt and debris sit on your car's exterior for an extended period of time, any oils present can begin to degrade your car's paint. Wash your car whenever you start to notice it becoming dingy, although most people should wash their cars at least once a month. Applying wax to your car once it's clean will give your car a luminous shine. It will also help dirt and water slide off your car more easily, which will protect your paint.

4. Start your engine at least once a week.

Cars function best when they're used regularly. However, some people don't need their cars to commute every day, and others have multiple cars. If you don't use your car daily, you should take it for a drive at least once a week. A short drive will circulate the oil and fluids through your engine to keep everything well-lubricated. If you're unable to take your car for a drive, you should at least turn it on and let the engine run for a few minutes.