Renting The Perfect Vehicle For Your Weekend Get-A-Way

28 July 2021
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Renting a vehicle for a weekend trip is very common, and the vehicle you choose might be different depending on your destination. For instance, a weekend camping trip in the woods might mean finding Jeep rentals in the area that can get you to the campsite. 

Finding A Rental

If you are flying into an area for your vacation or get-a-way, you may want to book a rental vehicle to pick up at the airport. Jeep rentals are available from many different car rental services, but be sure to ask if taking the Jeep off-road to a campsite is okay before you do it. 

Often Jeeps that travel through the woods end up with scratches, and you could incur charges for the repairs if you scratch the paint or damage the vehicle driving it off-road. Most car rental companies assume you are renting for on-road driving, so if you decide to take the vehicle off-road, you will be responsible for any damage resulting from that.

Off-road Rental Companies

Many times there are Jeep rentals available through companies that expect you to use the vehicle off-road located near areas that have a lot of wilderness camping or in places where camping and hiking are common. These rental companies will rent you the Jeep and sometimes the equipment you need for your trip and often even give you maps of the area so you can navigate easily. 

If you are not comfortable going alone, you can also find adventure tours that provide the vehicle, the equipment, and a guide. These excursions typically happen in groups, and it can be a lot of fun to jump in a modified Jeep and head into the wilderness for a weekend with a group of like-minded people. 

Beach Vacations

If you are considering a trip to the beach and you are visiting an area that allows driving on the beach, you may want to reserve a Jeep rental for your weekend so that you can explore the less-visited parts of the beach without worrying about getting stuck in the sand. Not all beaches allow you to drive on them, but there are still many that do, so check the rules in the area you are going to see if it is allowed there or not. 

Jeep rentals can also be great when you want a vehicle that allows you to travel with the top down and the doors off and letting the wind blow through. The experience is unique, and if you are spending the money for a rental in an area that is warm and comfortable, you may want to consider renting the Jeep just for getting around while you are there.

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