What DIY Enthusiasts Miss When Working On Their Brakes

24 October 2022
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Some motorists decide to repair their own cars as a way to save money and learn more about their vehicles. However, there are some car parts that you should only leave to professional repair technicians. One of the most important parts that should be left to professionals is your brakes.

A Pro Will Assess All Aspects of Your Brakes

Motorists sometimes fail to assess many components found that are a part of a car's braking system including:

  • The master cylinder
  • The brake line
  • The rotors and pads

One common mistake you can make is to continue to use an existing rotor when this isn't the right option for your vehicle. You must inspect the rotor to make sure that it is still serviceable and you might need to replace the rotor if this is no longer the case. The existing rotor might need to be resurfaced. The pads also need to be measured and assessed.

Don't Forget to Have Your Rotors Inspected

Rotors often become warped and damaged when the brake pads have not been replaced soon enough. The pressing of the brake pads against the rotors is what allows your vehicle to slow down. Therefore, both of these components must be replaced regularly.

The Caliper Must Be Checked

The caliper assembling also needs to be serviced. This will ensure that the brake pads are in perfect alignment with the rotor. You must inspect the caliper piston boot for damage because even small dings can prevent the pads from properly coming into contact with the rotor. The caliper pins and boots must be checked for damage. The abutment clips and squealers must all be replaced.

The Brakes Might Not Be Installed Correctly

The problem with the brakes might not be that they are damaged but rather that the parts are not installed correctly. An auto brake technician will be able to diagnose the exact problems with your brakes.

Your Brakes Need to Be Clean

Caliper fingers and pistons all need to be cleaned. The caliper slide pins also need to be lubricated. Then, your car is ready to return to the road.

Have Your Brakes Replaced With Reliable Parts

When replacing your brakes, it's essential to purchase high-quality brake parts. Make sure to purchase brand-name parts and rotors and make sure that they are compatible with your vehicle.

Save Money With a Brake Repair Technician

Professional auto repair technicians are able to repair your vehicle much more quickly and might also save you money. They might be able to locate much less expensive car parts and they are also less likely to cause damage to your vehicle when performing repairs.

Reach out to an auto shop if you need to fix your brakes.