Five Benefits Of Buying Used Freightliner Trucks

29 August 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

New semi trucks aren't always the best option. You can get so much more out of buying used freightliner trucks. If you are a driver who wants his or her own truck, you really should consider both the obvious and not-so-obvious benefits of buying a used semi truck.

Save a Ton of Money

Used anything usually means big savings when you are ready to buy. You can save tens of thousands of dollars off the new price for a used semi truck. This factor becomes even more important if you want to buy a doubly-large semi cab with double the sleeper space. The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the price, but when you buy used, you can buy much more truck for the price.

Know What Is Wrong with the Truck Before You Buy It

Used truck dealers have to put the trucks through a major inspection before they can list the trucks for sale. Just as a car dealership has to find everything wrong with a vehicle before selling it, so does a used truck dealership. Any honest truck dealership will ensure you know exactly what to expect if you buy one of their vehicles. There is an official sale inspection sheet on every truck that shows what has passed inspection and what is not currently working on the truck. They cannot sell anything that has some majorly dangerous dysfunctions, which helps you feel safer about what you buy. 

There have certainly been brake failures, transmission failures, steering failures, etc. in these big trucks. Because these trucks have gone through pretty thorough inspections, you'll be able to determine what sort of problems you could expect down the road.

Everything Is Road-Ready

You know all that greasing, oiling, filling, and checking you would have to do with a new truck? You do not have to do that with a used truck. During the truck's intake inspection, the used truck mechanic makes sure everything is oiled, flushed, filled, greased, inflated, and cleaned to make sure it passes inspection. As soon as you pay for it, you can drive it.

You Can Lease to Buy and Trade in When You Need To

If you cannot afford to buy the used truck outright, you can lease to buy. In fact, some used semi truck dealers will allow you to put money down as though you are going to buy the truck. Then you lease it, putting monthly payments toward the possibility of buying the truck. If at any time the used truck does not suit you, you can trade it back in to try another truck you were eyeing before.

Truck History That Helps You Determine Sources of Future Problems

Every used truck has a history. As long as the other drivers and owners of a truck have accurately reported accidents, it will be on a truck history form that the dealer can access and print off for you. Even though all used trucks MUST pass inspection, you cannot find tiny imperfections that were caused by an accident until they break or need repair.

Having the truck's history report can reveal what some of your future repairs might be. If the truck was in an accident that caused it to smash through a few passenger cars and then roll over, you know that anything on the roll side and front end of the truck might need repairs in the future. It is also worth knowing what the truck has been through so you can be prepared financially for issues later on. The truck's history is probably the first thing you should ask about when you are interested in buying a particular used truck.