What Can You Do With Junk Cars?

27 September 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If your car was in a wreck or you've driven it into the ground, its current value may be low enough to consider it a junk car. What do you do with a vehicle that's so downtrodden? Here are some steps to take to get the remaining value out of your vehicle.

What Is a Junk Car?

A junk car is one that's beyond repair. The costs of getting the vehicle into a safe and driveable condition would far outweigh its value as scrap metal.

One way a car can get to potential junk car status is when it's totaled. These cars have been written off by the insurance company. The car will then have a salvaged title, which can make it near impossible to sell or get insured. Of course, some totaled cars are perfectly sound and simply have a lot of cosmetic damage. If you are unsure whether you should junk your car or keep it, ask an auto repair shop for their opinion.

What Are Junkyards Going to Do with Your Vehicle?

Pretty much any car can have value to a junkyard due to the possibility of scraping scrap metal from the vehicle. Places that offer cash for junk cars can sell the metal to electronics, auto, or medical companies so that they may use it in their products. Another thing junkyards may do with the vehicle is take parts off of it to use on other cars. That obviously depends on the condition the car arrives in.

Getting it to a Junkyard

Many of these vehicles are in such bad shape that they aren't driveable. Auto towing companies can deliver your car directly to a junkyard. Be sure to call ahead of time to ask for the approximate value of your vehicle; you won't be able to drive it around and get a few estimates. The junk value of a car is mostly based on its make, year, and model, anyway; that will tell a junk car buyer all they need to know to figure out the types of metal on the car and the approximate weight of all precious metals. Of course, if you're left a bumper behind or the car has other significant chunks missing, that's something you want to let the junkyard know before you tow your car there. Otherwise, you may find that they (rightfully) offer you a lower price for the vehicle.

Buying Your Next Vehicle

So… what comes next? If you are looking for an affordable car to replace your junked car, consider pre owned cars for sale. They may have very light wear and tear, and they are sure to be in sound mechanical condition… all for a much more reasonable price than a new vehicle.

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