Should You Always Use Towing Roadside Assistance For Towing?

2 January 2019
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

From a simple puncture to transmission failure, the scope of car problems you can face on the road is quite wide. In such cases, it's not always possible or safe to drive your car to a repair shop. This is why roadside assistance as a service exists.

Different drivers use roadside assistance in different ways. Some drivers will use this service to get their car back up and running, while others will use it to tow their vehicles. Which situations will warrant using a car and truck towing service to tow your vehicle?

No Safe Spot to Carry Out Repairs

If your car breaks down in the middle of a freeway, it is never a good idea to attempt repairs in such a location. With cars flying past at very high speeds, it is impossible to guarantee that you or anyone else will be safe while carrying out even the simplest repairs. In fact, there have been incidents where motorists were killed after getting out of their cars following an accident/breakdown.

If your car breaks down or if you've been in an accident, it's safer to stay in your car and wait for a two truck from a company like River's Truck Center.

Vehicle Needs Extensive Repairs

Changing a tire is one thing, and repairing a damaged radiator is another. One problem can be fixed by the side of the road, and the other will require more repairs or even replacement of certain parts. It's not feasible for a roadside assistance service to provide you with certain auto repair services by the side of the road. They may not have the equipment or the time needed to fix such problems.

Therefore, if the repairs your vehicle need are extensive, auto towing is the only practical option. Repairs performed under such circumstances may actually be inadequate.

Following an Accident

If you're involved in an accident and it's a little more than a fender bender, it's not advisable to drive your car away. For starters, this is unlikely to be safe. The extent of the damage may not be apparent immediately after the accident. It would be a shame to find out that your brake line is broken after driving away.

Driving your car in this condition can also affect your insurance claim. The insurance company can easily claim that the damage caused was worsened by driving the car away. To make things easier, have the car towed to a location where the insurance company can appraise the damage first.